Developing enterprise-level solutions and startups of tomorrow



Develup is an international distributed team, always with a view on the fast evolution in the field of digital and development. We are recognized as a dedicated team focused on terms and effectiveness.

With significant competency in the development of large program systems, we work in the area of E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), Business Process Management systems (BPM), cross-platform mobile development, multi-user mechanics (collaborative real-time editing and management), chats and chatbots, Customer Loyalty Programs, and game mechanics.

Understanding the unique demands and goals of businesses is vital for their success, so we focus on the product and provide a scalable team matching the needs of our clients.

The Team

Our award-winning team of professionals creates excellent digital products for the best international & local brands.

Our main advantage is a flexible approach to work processes according to the project's specifics — excellent quality of work at high rates of project implementation. We can parallel work to meet the tightest deadlines, help build a startup in an agile way, or become a long-term workforce for an enterprise.

Entrust the team that has unfailingly delivered value to brands and entrepreneurs.



We are constantly improving the processes and the team, gradually growing and carrying out more projects both in number and size.

Key results to date include over 1000 successfully developed projects, tens of loyal customers, some of whom we service continuously, and the awards we have received.


The constantly open section of vacancies means we are always open to cooperation with interesting talented digital specialists.

Write to us about yourself, your achievements, and expectations. Send us examples of work, and, maybe, we can start working together.



We continuously experiment with innovative technologies to learn in practice their possibilities and quirks and then use them for our clients.

Our team focuses on new tech that already proves its worth in the industry and is here to stay. First, we begin experimenting with technology in pet products and short-term projects with the approval of our customers. Then, we add the tech that provides benefits and is growing in the industry to the core stack to implement in future projects.


We are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what is possible and to create truly unique and captivating experiences for our clients and their users

Experimenting with innovative tech is not only about commercial usage or efficiency, but also about taking it to the limit, thinking out of the box, and having fun.