Backend Development


Complex business logic for web applications and services

Backend Only

We can work on a whole project or provide only backend development services, depending on the client's needs and requirements.
We understand that each project is unique, that's why we take a flexible approach and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals and create custom solutions that meet those needs.

Backend development is an integral part of creating any website or mobile application. Our team of backend developers is experienced in creating projects of any type and scale.

We make large E-Commerce and ERP/CRM/BPM systems, web applications and SaaS. Complex backend intended for a mass user and a large amount of data.

Web Apps

Software over the internet from any device


Scalable solutions to effectively reach your customers


Software over the internet from any device


High level of speed and performance


Large projects intended for a mass user and a large amount of data


Special attention to security and data safety

We work jointly with frontend developers — no matter it is an external team or in-house — we create detailed API documentation in the course of development, which allows both parties to work simultaneously to create a cohesive and polished product in the shortest possible terms.

Stay Current

Technologies and standards change over time, so we keep our hands on the pulse of everything modern and actual, and also we are able to take on a project that has been built on an older stack and refactor it to contemporary standards.

This allows our clients to get the most out of their existing projects and ensure that they are up-to-date and meet the latest standards.



One of our areas of expertise is distributed highload projects. Handling highload web traffic is a crucial aspect of developing websites and mobile applications that are intended for a large user base and a significant amount of data.

We use a variety of technologies and techniques to create solutions that are able to handle an increasing number of users and requests depending on the project and its use scenarios.

Security and Data Safety

We also pay special attention to security and data safety, and we take great care in ensuring that all of our projects meet the highest standards to protect our clients' data.

We use a variety of technologies and best practices to ensure that the data is protected and secure. We use secure protocols, employ encryption for all sensitive data, conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.

In addition to regular backups, we also design our systems to be highly available and fault-tolerant.

Hexagon half iconBackend Technologies

We use Python/Django and PHP8/Laravel for CMS and common tasks, NodeJS for projects with asynchronous requests and games, GoLang for highload.

We use different technologies and frameworks depending on the projects' features.

We have worked on hundreds of projects of all different sizes across a variety of industries, and have the expertise to select the best solution exactly for the specifics of your projects.

We are familiar with the other frameworks and can use them too if they are required.

We prioritize effectiveness and quality in our work

We utilize current technologies and frameworks and stay up to date on design and development trends to build quick, high-performing backends capable of handling heavy traffic

Hexagon half iconBackend Development
Our team of developers is proficient in working at a fast pace while maintaining high efficiency.
With our skills, speed, and dedication to meeting deadlines, you can trust that your project will be completed on schedule and to the highest level of excellence.