Our great flexibility saves resources and time while keeping everyone on the team in line with the project situation

Agile Management

Agile management allows for the best possible results in communication and releases quality.

Individuals & Interactions

The assigned team discusses the project to establish processes and select tools for maximum efficiency.

Working Software

We create better software in shorter deadlines with all the documentation necessary for future development.

Customer Collaboration

Instead of dwelling on formalities, we collaborate with stakeholders as a team: deliver features to get instant feedback.

Short Iterations

We code and deliver features in short iterations: a project is divided into blocks and sprints, so as to ship batches of value regularly.

Our project managers coordinate and serve development teams to multiply their efficiency and solve non-technical and general issues for them.

The managers communicate with clients and engage lead developers when needed. This way our development teams keep focus on the product and the tasks at hand.

Advanced Technical Background

DEVELUP appreciates technical background when hiring management staff. Our project managers come with previous experience in IT.

On top of that, the managers of our company have solid expertise in the domains we work with and excel at modern project management practices and methodologies.

Supplementary Consulting

With our extensive networking capabilities, DEVELUP is able to bring in esteemed professionals for consulting and engage them in a project.

The same goes for the in-house expertise we have obtained through the years: every senior professional and leader in the firm can consult and assist with complex issues.


Planning, Tracking & Reporting

Successful projects are always thoroughly planned, carefully executed and documented, and deeply analyzed throughout the development process.

Our teams use the most efficient tools and frameworks to manage projects such as Jira and Confluence. We compile plans and timings, conduct standups and retrospectives.

When another sprint is over, a release or a demo is done, the team prepares a detailed report. The manager in charge also updates project documentation and cost plans. Everything that is not agile or may damage the focus of the team is left to the manager.

Constant Communication

Being a true agile company, we put productive meetings and retrospectives at the heart of our communication and development processes.

The key to productivity in agile is to have an essential volume and frequency of communication in a project. We plan for meetings based on the character of every product, its current stage, and the sprint composition instead of strict methodologies.

We always experiment to boost our productivity and so we try out different approaches to team communication all the time.

Hexagon half iconManagement

Our managers execute true agile approaches when organizing development and delivery, internal and external communication, and reporting on a project.

The management streamlines workflows to allow developers and other team members to focus on the project and to ensure order and efficiency when building software.