Our main advantage is a flexible approach to work processes according to the project's specifics — excellent quality of work at high rates of project implementation


We have extensive experience in developing various projects of any size.

Our teams know how to organize and realize even sophisticated solutions for our clients.

We have a strong track record of working on time-sensitive projects.


Our advantage is — the flexibility of approaches to solving tasks, excellent quality of work at high rates.

This is achieved by a flexibly organized process of planning, execution and control. A few feedback iterations allow us to refine and fine-tune processes in the project, continually improving quality and speed



A well-organized communication process, regular statuses, and retrospectives allow you to see the whole picture and progress of the project both for the team and for the client.

You always know what is in work and when it will be completed. You have the opportunity to affect the direction of the development of the project based on the results of preliminary launches and testing


We have developed processes for working with code and versioning, taking into account a different number of environments, the number and level of specialists, review processes and hotfixes

We use GitLab as a version-controlling system, with several automatisation tools for the speed and usability


Deployment and Continuous Integration

We have established deployment and continuous integration processes that allow us to automatically update projects, as well as monitor and test updates before launching on production.



We use the agile process in our work and JIRA as a task-tracking system:

We work by sprints, have everyday standups with the team, weekly meetings with the product owners and stakeholders to synchronize the achievements and goals.

And retrospective meetings after releases or sprints.

Team Scaling

The constantly open section of vacancies means that we are always open for cooperation with interesting talented specialists

We adjusted training processes and, if necessary, can adapt, learn, and evolve new team members in the short term.