Real Estate

Real Estate:
Realtors & Developers

We offer rapid design and programming of digital products in line with industry specifics and corporate standards for realtors and real estate developers.

Digitize Your Property Sales

Take advantage of the in-depth knowledge and experience in building real estate applications treasured by DEVELUP.

Common components

Common components: request, booking, mortgage and purchase forms


Catalogs of properties with detailed characteristics and filtering

Floor Plans

Custom configurators with interactive property and floor plans


Managing modules: admin panels to manage properties, plans, and prices


Track customer requests for apartment viewings, bookings, and purchases


Integration with external solutions and data storages for data exchange (CRM/ERP systems, etc).

DEVELUP provides all-round services in product design and development.

We unite esteemed professionals specializing in software programming, web and mobile app development, UX/UI design, and project management.

We will pick an efficient tech stack and put together an agile team based on the unique needs of your project.

Common and Unique Real Estate Features

We have developed a wealth of common components for real estate projects over the years, which allows us to ship the basic version of a digital product blazingly fast and iterate the subsequent releases.

DEVELUP uses modern technology and frameworks to create fast and reliable websites and applications of any complexity for real estate.

The list of features and systems we have shipped in years runs long, including in-house tools for categorized tracking and processing of customers requests, CMS for property management and content uploads, configurators with interactive apartment and floors plans, constructors for the creation of the plans, and custom request forms.

We service property developers, real estate agents, and startups in the industry.


Components for Online Customers

A complete set of user-faced features for the real estate.

We have mastered the design and development of advanced components for end users of web and mobile applications. Among the features we deliver are catalogs with properties and their characteristics, custom filtering, and splendid presentation of real estate, forms to book viewings or make purchases, mortgage calculators and more.

Thinking of some unique features? DEVELUP is accustomed to the hardest challenges: we will pick a solid stack of technologies to bring the product you have in mind to life.

Hexagon half iconAdhering to Corporate Standards in the Real Estate

DEVELUP possesses all the instruments and tech needed to implement

any corporate standards and integrate new products with older solutions.

We have vast experience integrating newly developed web applications and in-house solutions with existing databases and digital systems for our corporate clients. This includes but is not limited to enterprise resource planning systems and CRMs.

Our team is flexible and works adaptively to the needs and goals of every business.

Constructors and Configurators

Custom constructors for admin panels and application interfaces.

Oftentimes there is a need for real estate projects to publish interactive floor and apartment plans so that a customer can customize a property before booking. We make constructors integrated into an admin panel to upload plans, outline objects and attributes.

Let your buyers interact with those plans by adjusting properties to their needs via graphical configurators with special effects on the frontend of your application!


Systems for Realtors and Developers

Business products with integration of sales and order tracking systems.

Order modern software to manage your estate business. The professionals of DEVELUP will implement real-time tracking of sold and vacant properties and inquiries for real estate viewings, mortgages, and instant purchases. The options are unlimited!

We can integrate any kind of external software (e.g. CRM/ERP) for you to get all of the data from the new application or system and manage it in a familiar environment.

Hexagon half iconReal Estate

Rely on our solid groundwork in the real estate industry and its specifics when it comes to the design and development of modern websites, apps, and systems.

No matter the complexity of your project — we will consult you on an optimal stack, set correct tech requirements, deconstruct it into stages, and deliver the product on time.