Deployment and Continuous Integration

Deployment and Continuous Integration

We have established processes of CI/CD that keep even the most complex projects safe from crashes during deployments and incremental code changes.

Stability of Operation

When software sustainability is the number one priority, certain requirements must be met to test the whole functionality every time.

Especially when dealing with long-running and highload projects, reliability of every feature and change is vital.

However, sometimes a project may find itself in jeopardy


Brand new features may still work fine with new data or if some old data was heavily altered, but old functionality may not account for the change and break.

Use Cases

Incremental process alterations and interface updates may unintentionally close certain paths of the user journey or cancel some use cases of a product.

Human Factor

Human errors in variables or script logic may lead to bugs.

Our Solution

The answer lies in our strictly regulated system of testing a product as a whole, to ensure the compatibility of all previous releases with a new one.

Introducing automated tests to a project is one way to save time.and ensure reliability.

We conduct unit tests when compiling a project. Autotests help check all the crucial backend and frontend functionality when staging and deploying the code to production.



The practices of deployment and continuous integration allow automatic updating, monitoring and testing before pushing releases to production.

Continuous integration ensures that every change committed to the codebase is automatically built into the project and tested. In deployment, every change that passes the autotests gets pushed to production, resulting in smaller consecutive releases.


We use several modern tools to ensure continuous integration. Some of them are GitLab CI, Jenkins, Grafana, and Selenium.

GitLab is the basic environment of our Gitflow workflow and CI/CD processes. This tool allows us to streamline the whole process of coding, testing, and operating software.

Jenkins works as an open source server for CI automation. Grafana provides analytics and interactive vizualization. Selenium works as a set of tools for browser automation.


Why Your Project Needs CI/CD?

Even the smallest among digital products need well-configured processes of continuous integration and deployment for vital features and use cases.

DEVELUP suggests every customer to engage us in implementation of CI/CD processes and automated testing, at least for key functionality: payments, buying and selling items, personal data, registration and authorisation, personal profiles and such.

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Keeping your project safe from vital features breaking down is the actual goal of our well-organized deployment and continuous integration practices.

We use advanced CI/CD tools and proven Gitflow techniques to ensure that your application and its features are reliably developed and deployed with sufficient testing.