Complex backend intended for a mass user and a large amount of data

Technology Agnostics

We are not bound to a single language or technology, and we choose the optimal tech stack depending on the project's specific needs, timeline, and budget. 

We use Python/Django and PHP8/Laravel for common tasks, content management, admin panels or lightweight services, NodeJS for projects with asynchronous requests and games, GoLang for highload.

and High-Performance Systems

We specialize in developing large-scale systems that handle significant data volumes and workloads.

To achieve this, we employ a comprehensive approach to optimization, load distribution, and the use of fast and asynchronous technologies, including NodeJS, GoLang, and Lua.

and Distributed Systems

We are well-versed in microservice architecture and have experience in distributing system components across servers and clouds.

We use NGINX, Docker, Kubernetes and others. We are proficient in configuring Amazon Cloud and other popular environments from different hosting providers.

In our modern world, many different approaches, methodologies, frameworks, and tools can be used for development.

At DEVELUP, we strive to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and practices to ensure that we deliver high-quality, efficient, and scalable solutions for our clients.

Code Quality, Standardization, Unit Tests, and Automated Testing

Clean, orderly, and consistent code is the key to stable and error-free project operation, smooth developer switching and onboarding, competency retention, and project expansion.

We use standard naming and formatting conventions and adopt widely accepted methodologies.

We also use automated tools such as linters and prettifiers to ensure that we adhere to these standards without having to do so manually.


Collaboration with Front-End Developers

Our back-end developers work closely with frontend developers to ensure seamless integration of the backend with the user interface.

This collaboration involves regular meetings, code reviews, and shared project management tools to track progress and address any issues that may arise.

Our backend developers also provide detailed API documentation (using APIDoc, Swagger, etc.) for conveniently parallel work between front-end and back-end levels, data handling, and error management. By fostering open communication and teamwork between frontend and backend teams, we can effectively build robust and efficient applications that meet or exceed client expectations.

Content Management

Our custom-built Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use for our clients.

We develop modular CMS solutions that enable the quick addition or removal of features as needed.

These systems support various content types, including text, images, videos, and more. We also prioritize security and performance by implementing advanced caching mechanisms, secure authentication, and role-based access control. By creating bespoke CMS solutions, we empower clients to manage their content and projects efficiently, without the limitations and constraints of off-the-shelf solutions.


Technology is a Tool

We believe that technology is only a tool, and we can work with any framework or vanilla language if it makes sense for the project, gradually refactoring and updating as needed.

Overall, we are flexible and open-minded, capable of working with the client's preferred tech stack when there are valid reasons.

Hexagon half iconBackend Technologies

At DEVELUP, we have the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality back-end solutions using the most efficient and suitable technologies for each project

Whether you need a complete project or just the back-end portion of it, we can develop it using the best practices and technologies to meet your requirements