Team Scaling

Team Scaling

In an ever-changing world, revising accents and processes in products and services helps meet modern standards and react to recent events.


When trying to keep up with the markets and competitors, it is vital to develop and deploy valuable functionality at speed and of high quality.

In some cases, a complex set of features or even a whole product must be delivered in tight deadlines.

This calls for a team capable to adapt to any due dates and challenges.

Flexible Scaling

In terms of scaling a project, flexibility means the ability to scale a team up and down based on your current goals and needs for utmost efficiency.

Keeping a large team on a project without sufficient need is a waste of resources for the stakeholders and a waste of talent for the company providing development services.

It is much better when processes allow you to engage new developers and other professionals at the very moment you need them — and dismiss when you don’t.


The Solution

DEVELUP has extensive experience building processes and workflows in a way that allows us to scale a project team fast for specific tasks and goals.

We are a large distributed team that develops and supports dozens of projects simultaneously. We command a vast but highly standardized tech stack. Moreover, the company always searches for talented and well-educated junior specialists and interns.

Such a team ensures that we can always provide a bigger workforce when you need it!

The Process

Flexible team scaling is possible due to our well-planned Gitflow workflow and agile approach allowing DEVELUP to engage new professionals fast.

Standardized processes of management, Gitflow, deployment, and continuous integration allow for faster onboarding and better efficiency of new team members.

Moreover, for complex and long-term projects, we reserve a few professionals with the same professional competence so that they can support each other and parallel their work during active development — or engage after the launch when there is a need.

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We have all the processes set up, tools and practices standardized — allowing us to set up a scalable team for every project we work with from the very start.

This way we are able to deliver even the most sophisticated products within tight deadlines.