The Team

The Team

A dedicated team focused on terms, quality and effectiveness


We always keep our finger on the pulse of progressive technology by studying modern development approaches and solutions.

The team of DEVELUP employs an up-to-date stack of frameworks and components for software programming, mobile and web development. We use modern techniques and methodologies when coding applications and organize our work in an efficient way.



We don’t fight about which technology is better: we use each appropriately.

Our result-oriented team thoroughly examines the requirements of every project, accounts for its goals and specifics of the audience, and chooses the stack accordingly. We have experience working with core programming languages and frameworks.

Experience & Expertise

We have skillful programming leads and analysts with over five and 10 years of experience that drive even the most complex projects to success.

The professionals of DEVELUP have successfully built and launched over 1,000 digital products and solutions for enterprises, startups, agencies, and private entrepreneurs.


Well-Established Processes

We have well-established processes of continuous education and professional development to be sure our team keeps up-to-date with tech and tools.

Many team members of DEVELUP have grown from interns into full-fledged professionals in charge of building and supporting sophisticated projects.

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We are excited to use our experience and expertise in architecting helpful products that achieve their business goals and make people’s lives better

The team of DEVELUP is at your service and is ready to offer technical consulting, design and programming of software, web and mobile applications of tomorrow