We work in a wide area of different industries and know the specifics of their projects

Enterprise Development. ERP/CRM/BPM Systems & WebApps

We build robust CRM applications that automate lead, pipeline, and customer management with real-time data flow, intuitive data visualization graphics, data-intensive reports, and easy-to-use UI.

Based on your business requirements and a specific customer wants and needs, we design and build relevant portals and platforms that meet and exceed expectations.

Link and integrate your portal with various external systems and exchange data and information between them. Building integrations enhance ease-of-use, workflow, and productivity.

Startup Development

At our company, we understand the unique challenges that startups face when it comes to development. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of development services specifically tailored to the needs of startups. Our goal is to help young companies bring their ideas to life quickly and efficiently, while also ensuring that the end product is functional and high-quality.

We provide consulting services that can help startups navigate the complex world of technology development.

Agile development and the lean startup approach will guarantee that you receive your product quickly and that it suits your business goals and users’ needs.



We work with fashion, lifestyle, and tech companies to evolve their branded shopping experiences online, often with a focus on striking the right balance between availability and exclusiveness.

Projects range from smaller functional improvements to immersive product configuration tools and full makeovers.

We build scalable E-Commerce solutions to help you effectively reach your customers and improve your bottom line.



We have extensive experience working with education projects and know the specifics of their business.

Gamification of the education process, achievement and bonus systems grow the involvement of both teachers and students raising the effectiveness of a whole learning experience.

Promo & Advertising

We have extensive experience working with advertisement agencies and know the specifics of their business.

We do untrivial rich-media projects quickly and within unreal time limits



We have strong experience working with auto manufacturers and know all of the aspects of these projects.

Familiar with the corporate standards of many automakers.

The management system of regional branches with activities tracking and statistics of dealers' indicators.

Real Estate

We have extensive experience working with real estate developers and know the specifics of their projects.

We do it quickly and on time. Have a solid groundwork for key features and functionality of the industry



We develop solutions for telemedicine services, comprehensive and convincing presentation of new medications, and for medical content adhering to strict industry standards and regulations.

Bring your medical services and goods online with an intuitive and feature-rich website or mobile app. We will build a scalable system with modules that empower publishing content, booking and handling online consultations, cataloging and filterings meds, ranking and reviewing products and services by clients, sending notifications and more


Game Dev

We develop casual games as part of promotional campaigns for products and brands. We know the specifics of game projects, including multiplayer ones.

We do it quickly, on time, and in unreal terms.

We can implement any of even the most ambitious and original ideas according to the specifics of your business