We apply agile principles and modern methodologies of iterative and change-responsive development where working software, individual contributions, and collaboration stand first.

Flexible Approach

DEVELUP puts goals and specifics of a project at the heart of the process.

The flexible approach and agile processes we profess allow us to customize the stack of technology and the level of detail we go into — and scale the project team afoot.

Individuals & Interactions

When setting up processes and selecting tools for a project, we discuss all the possible setups with the assigned team to reach maximum efficiency.

DEVELUP accounts for what the project needs and uses individual skills and strengths of every professional on our team to ensure the best possible mixture of tech and tools.

Working Software

We emphasize the delivery of better software with shorter deadlines and prepare all the documentation, plans, and schemes needed to develop a project.

DEVELUP profiles products in a lean way, producing documentation essentially useful for any further development and support. For this, we use tools like APIDoc, Swagger, etc.

Customer Collaboration

Instead of dwelling on the contract clauses and wasting time on excessive formal approvals, we prefer to collaborate with our clients as a team.

Working agile means that we engage our clients in the synchronized analysis of iterative releases. This way we get immediate feedback and cooperate in marking the next steps.

Short Iterations

When working on a project, we break the programming process into blocks and then plan the release of every feature in short iterations.

Iterative development allows our clients to check and analyze early releases of features and the product itself, give us feedback, and possibly correct their plans and goals.

Responding to Changes

The only constant thing in enterprises and even more so in startups is change. How our team responds to change determines your success.

DEVELUP is well-prepared to implement constant changes and adapt the product to every new requirement, continuously develop and enhance the solutions we build.

Our team plans for future change when designing the system architecture and programming components. We assemble each product in a way that allows us to alter or even replace individual components completely when such a need arises.


Agile Workflow

We analyze backlogs, plan and execute sprints, and conduct standups to consider the current progress and retrospectively review our work.

The programming process in DEVELUP involves only agile practices standardized in the industry. We assemble them in a custom framework of getting things done. For the smoothest development, our team adapts the workflow to every project individually.

Agile Team Scaling

The agility of our processes allows for scaling your project team depending on the workload in the current stage: it can get bigger, and smaller, too!

DEVELUP is able to introduce new developers to a project and engage them during active stages, thus allowing our customers to launch many features in tight deadlines.

In the same way, we can scale a project team back when you need to concentrate on marketing and sales, and when there are no plans for building new functionality.

Hexagon half iconAgile

DEVELUP has established flexible development processes that we adapt to fit each individual project. Our practices are standardized in the industry.

For every project, we put a scalable team in place. The team maximizes individual efficiency, prioritizes working software over documentation, collaborates to get feedback from stakeholders in real time, and builds every product to be change-responsive.