Online & Offline

We build systems for online education and management of the offline educational process empowering robust planning, interactive studies, gamification techniques, and secure exams

Harness the Power of Digital

Put modern technology to your service in offline educational institutions and innovative online products

DEVELUP puts together a team fitting the unique needs of any project: software and web engineers, UX/UI designers, QA, DevOps, analysts, and project managers. Our vast experience in educational products makes it possible to build reliable solutions fast.

Education Management

Systems to administer any kind of educational establishments offline

Admission Management

Solutions to manage student admission in real-world educational institutions

Exams & Tests

Examination of knowledge and skills via tests and simulators

Text, Video & Audio

Information delivery via designed text content, video and audio lessons

Curriculum & Schedules

Academic calendars, lesson schedules, and profiles with individual study plans


Playful techniques that use brain chemistry to motivate and inspire

Digital Products for Remote Education

Convert visitors into students and teach them with easy-to-consume articles, interactive graphics, and videos on a dedicated online platform.

DEVELUP is keen to help plan, design, and execute online businesses in the industry of education. We create modern platforms to deliver educational value in any form, including video lessons and conference calls with tutors. Let your students evaluate their knowledge with tests and quizzes — and refine new skills in interactive simulators!

Our engineers produce applications with a highly-scalable backend and an admin panel allowing you to easily manage curriculums, content uploads, and communication.


Management Systems for Educational Institutions

Classic offline education calls for digitalization. Set foot on this path with DEVELUP and custom software for executives, educators, and students.

Administrative systems for schools and universities allow scheduling studies, managing curriculums and organizing admissions, controlling student attendance and academic performance, securing payments, and ultimately taking education to the next level.

Our engineers successfully integrate new software with any existing external solutions such as CRM/ERP and ensure complete security and integrity of student personal data.

Gamification and Interactive Practice

Gamifying online education is a proven way to foster better student outcomes and amplify the efficiency of the learning process in the digital age.

Integrate gamification in the form of quizzes and creative assignments that bring points to students empowering competitive leaderboards. We are able to implement progress traction in student profiles and multi-tier loyalty programs based on learning activity.

Make interactive simulators a core feature of your product when teaching applied sciences such as programming or data analysis to sharply boost student skills, too!


Common & Unique Educational Components

We have developed countless common components of educational products while architecting custom solutions

This experience allows us to decompose a complex product in stages and construct the first version in the tightest deadlines possible.

Read on for an overview of some core features we can deliver in rapid fashion.

Calendars & Schedules
Interactive Modules
Tests & Exams
Multimedia Content

Robust scheduling modules for curriculums and lessons

Integrate modules to plan studies and publish schedules alongside a calendar for students and educators to share the timing of all forthcoming meetings and events.

Better study via instant practice

Learning is nothing without proper practice. With modern technology and our experience in building educational products, you can introduce tests and quizzes starting with simple checks and spanning to non-linear, multi-tier exams and simulators.

Custom examination systems and features

Modules for examination range from remote testing platforms and interactive widgets integrated into the educational process itself to secure in-house systems allowing to conduct exams in offline schooling establishments and work with the related data.

Multiple ways of content delivery

A contemporary educational platform should have its material available in all possible formats to suit the widest audience and to present the topics in the most comprehensive way. We empower well-designed text publications alongside audio and video lessons.

Tools for control, analysis, and optimization of education

Store marks and exam results, analyze the performance of individual students and groups, create ratings and dashboards, or customize data sharing with students and their parents — these are only some of the options of modern educational software.

Education of the future — gamified

Multiple studies show that instant gratification from getting a reward for a completed task boosts motivation and probability of student success. Employ gamification in the form of points, levels, leaderboards, competitions, or even full-scale loyalty programs

Security & Data Protection

Safety of student data is an essential priority of educational software we produce. DEVELUP ensures tight security for all shipped products.

Measures we take by default include server configurations for stable performance in case of highload, system of roles and access restrictions, backuping and quick restoration of data. For educational platforms, we offer reliable anti-cheating and fraud detection solutions and security against DDoS and other malicious network activity.

Every bit of sensitive data will be encrypted according to contemporary standards and best practices — and can be kept in specially allocated environments and databases.

DEVELUP will take note of your special requirements and corporate standards to customize digital security measures of the new product and pass due diligence checks.


Gamification Techniques in Detail

Gamification assists educational establishments in many ways

In web and mobile products, it significantly boosts behavioral factors such as time spent in the app and returning visitors. More indirectly, gamification increases brand awareness and helps form a community of loyal students.

The core concept of gamification is instant gratification. Students watch an educational video, pass a test or complete an interactive assignment, and instantly receive virtual points or another kind of reward — thus standing out among their peers. Instant gratification motivates higher activity, major accomplishments, and recurring studies.

A loyalty program is a great way to implement gamification: based on activity and performance, a student gets exclusive content, coaching, discounts, or scholarships.

Bring some fun into education and breach new horizons with DEVELUP!

Analytics & UX

Task DEVELUP with engineering the architecture and user experience of the product to ensure its scalability, sustainability, and future growth.

Analytics & UX

Business analysts and UX designers on our team will conduct a thorough research to select an appropriate tech stack for the product, blueprint information architecture, prototype interfaces, and validate user stories before any design and programming.

High Speed & Optimization

High Speed & Optimization

Our engineers consult the business requirements of a project to plan the architecture in a way that assures the best possible loading speeds.

Seamless interactions are crucial for B2C education online. To ensure top performance, we project and approve technical requirements with our clients, conduct stress tests throughout the whole development process, and optimize for speed. Software engineers and QA specialists of DEVELUP compose autotests to maximize response velocity.

Integration With Corporate Systems

Integration With Corporate Systems

Oftentimes in education there is a need to merge two systems or integrate an older solution into a new product — and that’s not a problem at all.

We have extensive experience integrating new products with corporate solutions such as CRM/ERP to track users, analyze business performance, and enable data exchange.

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Due to the solid expertise, we have amassed in creating applications, DEVELUP is a credible partner for planning, designing, and executing an educational product

Depending on the project at hand, we carefully design the architecture and interface, pick an optimal tech stack, and deliver results even with the most pressing deadlines