Game Dev:
Fun & Impactful

We create online games and gamified experiences in a wider range of digital products for browsers, social networks, and messengers

Shape New Reality

Put core brain chemistry to the service of your business! Gamify your digital product, advertise it via gaming experience — or create a new online game with DEVELUP.

Mini Games

Our specialty is mini games for mobile, browser, social networks and messengers.

Common Gameplay

Our expertise covers word games, casuals, platformers, puzzles, memos, sporting games and simulators, board games, quests, and more genres.


We outfit various digital products with ratings and leaderboards, systems of points and levels, security against cheating, notifications, messaging, and chats.


Various layouts and technologies: 2D/3D, pseudo 3D, isometric, and drawn graphics; WebGL, PlayCanvas, ThreeJS, Pixi, CreateJS, and AR/VR


Multiplayer games with the support of highload and asynchronous interaction via WebSockets, NodeJS, or GoLang


Integrations with external systems (ERP/CRM) per corporate standards

Entrust the team of DEVELUP with a creative concept of any complexity. We will pick a tech stack according to the task at hand and in line with your corporate requirements.

Then, we will set up an optimal team of software engineers, web developers, designers, and managers. Finally, we will plan and execute the project in the tightest deadlines.

Game Mechanics & Components

DEVELUP specializes in mini games and integration of gamified experiences in educational, commercial, advertising, media, AR/VR, and other digital products

We create gaming solutions that drive engagement and sales with impeccable technical performance and speed, prone to highload and integrated with various client systems

Table, Card,<br>Strategies
Puzzles, <br>Memo & Words
Sports & Simulators

Gamified components for any project

Engageable features that will boost conversion of visitors into paying customers: authorization and profiles, leaderboards, level up systems with points for activity, contests, and such. We reinforce projects with security and make them cheat-proof

Mass-market mechanics for any audience

Appealing games in all popular genres: hidden objects, video arcades, and adventures

Traditional and innovative table games

For many out there, tabletop and card games are the definition of the game. Think traditional card games, Monopoly, mystery quests, and more. Strategies have a similar appeal

Action games with a pinch of nostalgia

Nothing beats nostalgia when it comes to evoking feelings. Remember the good old Super Mario Bros.? Platformers involve long hours of play and call for word of mouth

Brain teasers with high sharing potential

Puzzle games boast universal appeal as they provide mass audiences with genuine satisfaction from solving riddles, crosswords, rebuses — and uncovering secrets

Gaming experience for active public

Races, hockey, team sports, and more! Easy-to-play or more demanding sports simulators are unmatched when promoting sporting events and engaging fans

Layouts, Technologies & Platforms

We have reached proficiency in creating all kinds of modern and retro layouts for games developed using cutting-edge technologies.

The layouts we have already had experience with include 2D and 3D graphics, pseudo-3D, isometric, and hand-drawn arts. DEVELUP is always ready to stroll off the beaten track and bring new creative concepts to life.

Some modern technologies our professionals use to program gaming projects include WebGL, PlayCanvas, ThreeJS, Pixi, and CreateJS. We create web applications and cross-platform mobile apps alongside games for social networks and messengers.

Hexagon half iconSystem Integrations by Corporate Standards

Due to experience with casual games for promotional campaigns of big brands, we have mastered integration of corporate systems and databases.

Our team will empower analytics and data exchange for your game or gamified digital product by integrating it with ERP/CRM and other external enterprise solutions.

Multiplayer Games

Two good things about multiplayer is that nothing beats it for the younger audience and even mini games can afford it with modern technology.

DEVELUP implements real-time mechanics for multiplayer games in teams and for individual players competing against each other. We back it by asynchronous inner mechanics and sockets allowing to synchronize game situations between users.



Any number of visitors are welcome to the game: our team researches business goals and requirements to plan for high loads in advance.

Even thousands of simultaneous players coming to your multiplayer game won’t be an issue with a correct solution architecture and carefully calibrated server configuration.

Hexagon half iconGame Dev

Use the power of game development to achieve top business goals. We will implement even the most ambitious and original ideas tailored to your specifics.

DEVELUP will gladly consult you about your gaming project, be it only a concept or a development-ready task, and take care of engineering, designing, and coding the game!