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Enterprise Development:
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Robust applications that automate processes in your business

Run the company on your fingertips

Your company, customer base, product line, personnel, or documentation has grown to such an extent that the global picture of the state of the company and its parts is not visible. Lost contracts, employee hours, company resources.
The system of control and track of processes, resources and clients will add transparency and show the global picture on any cut by scale or departments of the company

Business Process
Management (BPM)

Company Processes Management

Formation of regulations for the key processes of the company, formalization of steps, statistics, and control of each step of all processes

Document Management

Management of orders and documents between departments and employees of the company, formalization of the regulations for the creation, exchange, and storage of documents.

Performance Monitoring

Summary tables and diagrams for specified indicators of selected processes in the company

Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

Inventory Management

Inventory management for goods or products. Integration of online and offline points of sale into a single system for storing and tracking inventories for goods or products

Staff Management

Human resources management of the company: tasks and workflows, vacations, time off, and sick leave. Rule-based access to internal resources of the company. Employee work history

Suppliers Management

Control over the material resources used in the company's activities. Working with suppliers. History of interaction. Cost calculation. Integration with other parts of the system

Customer Relations
Management (CRM)

Sales Management

Regulations of the sales process at all stages from the search for a client to the conclusion of a contract and its support. Statistics and KPI metrics by stages, departments, and employees

Loyalty Monitoring

Organization of processes for increasing the loyalty of the company's customers, monitoring the history of interaction, preparing statistics for the marketing department

Marketing Activities

Management of marketing activities, performance indicators reflecting sales statistics and customer loyalty


Ready-made set of components for common functionality
Modules allow you to develop flexible non-linear scenarios and get all the necessary data in digital form for further work
Applications<br>and Forms
Document Management
Goods<br>and Products
Notifications<br>and Messaging

Applications and Forms

Application modules both within the company and for suppliers/customers/clients. Modules allow you to develop flexible non-linear scenarios and get all the necessary data in digital form for further work

Document Management

Setting up processes and regulations for working with orders and documents. Control at each stage. Statistics and history of work with documents. Regulations for document storage and archiving

Goods and Products

Components for easy and quick filling of properties, prices, quantity, etc. Unified database for integration with all external points of sale. Inventory management, reservations, and statistics on the movement of goods or products

Staff Management

Recruitment processes, introduction to company standards, tracking for vacations, time off, and sick leave. Profiles and statistics, KPI metrics. Integration with internal HR systems

Notifications and Messaging

Notifications to employees about events in the workflow or globally in the company. Ability to conduct internal correspondence in the form of messages and chats. Multi-user functionality, group chants, and conferences. Integration of notifications with other parts of the system.

Hexagon half iconCorporate Standards and Integrations
If a company or departments are already successfully working with one or another software that meets the needs, then it is reasonable to integrate the already implemented systems into one common system for data exchange and closer and more efficient interaction between departments and employees.
We integrate our solutions with any products on the market that have integration capabilities: universal authorization and employee identification systems, address and credentials systems, internet services, accounting systems, external CRM and ERP systems.

Organization and Support of Business Processes

  • Individual approach

    Averaged ready-made solutions do not take into account individual specifics but are developed from some median needs of assorted companies. Because of this they have a lot of unnecessary functions, complicated connections, and interfaces. For the simplest operations, you need to make a dozen clicks and actions

  • Modular architecture

    Modular architecture allows you to connect only the necessary functionality, greatly simplifying the work process and increasing the efficiency of employees

  • Only the needs of your business

    Depending on the specifics of your company, only the set of components that are needed for your processes is selected. Nothing redundant

Hexagon half iconEnterprise Development
We are flexible and work adaptively to the needs and goals of the client
We help to see the whole picture of the company's work, identify and eliminate bottlenecks. We can implement any of even the most ambitious and original ideas according to the specifics of your business