Safe & Compelling

We develop solutions for telemedicine services, comprehensive and convincing presentation of new medication, and medical content adhering to strict industry standards and regulations.

Deliver Medicine With Care

We put expertise and insight into the pharmaceutical industry to your service.

Entrust DEVELUP with your project as we treasure a solid development experience with pharmaceutical websites and applications.

We have serviced manufacturers of such medical products as:
Theraflu, Linex, Persen, Airtal, Pentalginum, Amixin, Espumizan, Lioton, Zalain, Weleda, Ismigen, L-Thyroxine, Detralex etc.


Effective and safe presentation of medical products


Modules for telemedicine services and online consulting


Modules for pharmaceutical content: articles, graphics, video, and reviews


Digital loyalty programs and gamified experiences


Global systems and applications for medication accounting, management of documents and licenses

Systems for Distributors

Shipments and sales, distributors, stores, and clinics management


DEVELUP provides technical consulting, design and development to manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products, clinics, and telemedicine startups.


We will put a customizable team of software engineers, web and app developers, UX/UI specialists, and project managers at your service — scalable at any point in the process.

System Applications for Manufacturers, Dealers, and Clinics

Ensure efficient management of your medical business with a scalable, module-based digital system for employees, partners, and customers.

We cater to the needs of manufacturers, distributors, and clinics by designing and developing systems for managing laboratories and equipment, warehouse stocks and shipments, documentation and licenses, customers and sales of goods and services.

Our team is well-versed in engineering custom modules such as an individualized dealer dashboard and integrations with external systems (CRM/ERP, etc).


Telemedicine Services, E-Commerce and Content Portals

Service and inform your customers or sell medication on the Internet via a modern multifunctional website or a cross-platform mobile application.

Bring your medical services and goods online with an intuitive and feature-rich website or mobile app. We will build a scalable system with modules that empower publishing content, booking and handling online consultations, cataloging and filterings meds, ranking and reviewing products and services by clients, sending notifications and more.

Eye-Catching Demonstration

In a highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, catching the eye of the audience is essential to successfully promote new medication or access a different market with an existing medical product.

DEVELUP will deliver you a solution of any complexity, from a traditional promo page with some tweaks to an elaborate single-page app (SPA).

Eye-Catching Demonstration

Just imagine a brandable browser arcade game letting your customers walk the maze avoiding Pac-Man-like bacteria or smash cartoonish viruses with the help of your product. Or, settle for an educational project with 3D models of the medication packing, detailed information about your product, and video reviews by doctors and customers.

All this and more is possible with the creative force of our designers and developers.

Digital Promotion and Gamification

Promote new medication and boost sales with the spectacular presentation of new products amplified by efficient gamification mechanics.

We have a wealth of experience designing and launching interactive promo websites and SPA for advertising.

Leverage the power of 3D modeling, modern layouts, graphics and video to pitch new meds to your customers or create brandable promotional games.


Common Components and Functionality

We possess a great range of ready-made components for common functionality allowing us to launch the basic version of any project in tight deadlines and then iterate to push the product to perfection.

All of the features and products DEVELUP delivers meet medical industry standards and adhere to the best practices, guaranteeing your company and customers safety.

Online Store<br>Modules
Gamification & Effects

Telemedicine consulting and sessions with doctors

Video calls and instant messaging for fast and reliable connection between doctors that consult and provide services online and their appreciative patients.

Rapid and reliable booking of clinic visits

Intuitive and customizable online forms and flows for patients willing to book a doctor.

Designed publications, video, infographics, and reviews

Easy-to-consume articles and detailed specifications for medical products, interactive infographics and video content alongside modules for customer reviews and ratings.

Advanced shopping carts and catalog filtering

Possibility to easily filter catalogs and find suitable medication, add it to the cart and choose methods of delivery and payment and save the product for subsequent orders.

Administration of labs, warehouses, stores, and clinics

In-house systems that empower monitoring and management of laboratory equipment (e.g. refrigerators), warehouse stocks and shippings, store sales, and clinic patients.

Gamified mechanics and stunning visuals to boost sales

Creative layouts and landing pages, 3D modeling, browser arcades, gamified digital loyalty programs and more complex solutions for your promotional needs.


Integration With Existing Solutions

We will merge your new digital product with current operational systems and databases to exchange data and enhance application performance.

DEVELUP creates applications and systems in line with corporate standards and predefined technical requirements, allowing us to integrate any external solution such as a CRM or ERP system. We work with any protocols and schemes of data exchange.

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Our competent team will create a digital product of any complexity for your business in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We employ the latest web programming techniques and comply with the most strict technical requirements.

Reach out with a complete task or just a raw idea — and we will provide you with the technical consulting on the optimal stack, the development, possible deadlines, and our flexible costs.