Automobile Industry

We launch websites and applications for global automotive brands and private dealerships in line with modern corporate standards. Fast.

Entrust World-Class Experience

We create digital products for international manufacturers and local car dealers.

Over the years, DEVELUP has delivered corporate and e-commerce websites, web and mobile applications for top auto brands:


We are well-aware of the automotive industry specifics and offer the following:

  • Catalogs, filtering logic, and car presentation

  • Constructors and configurators

  • Auto trade features and flows: trade-in, test drive, leasing and loans

  • Gamified loyalty programs with promotions, prizes, and online activities

  • Dealership apps: management of shipments, sales, and auto centers

  • Integrations with in-house ERP/CRM systems

  • High-level management systems to administer global regions and dealerships


DEVELUP is trained to launch complex products in strict time frames.

We make short deadlines possible due to the flexibility of our team: software developers, web and mobile programmers, UX/UI designers, and project managers experienced in creating automotive applications.

We will adapt to the unique needs of your company!

Auto Trade Features

Sections for sales with detailed tracking of customer activity under the hood.

We have perfected the creation of all basic and popular customer-oriented features. This includes trade-in and test drive landing pages, car leasing and loan forms, catalogs of automobile models and vehicles currently on offer with custom filtering options.

Technology allows tracking of customer interactions, so that you offer the most suitable options in subsequent contacts and customize the car maintenance.


Constructors and Configurators

Personalization of experience is vital to satisfy a modern customer.

Don’t settle for a dull user experience! We create constructors with impressive visual interfaces allowing your customers to intuitively customize the exterior and interior of a car and modify its features. Let them come up with the automobile of their dreams!

We will configure advanced filtering scenarios with real-time price calculations.

Applications for Dealers and Sellers

Internal management systems with an intuitive interface for dealerships.

Order a custom system for your dealership that will account for cars, services, and employees. Manage shipments and orders for vehicles, components, and services.


Systems for Top Management

Management of dealer networks and regional branches.

Track all activities and statistics of dealership networks in the smallest detail from your head office. Get consolidated performance metrics from regional branches and individual data for every single auto center — you name it, we design and program it.

Hexagon half iconFollowing corporate standards of top automakers

Standardizing the development process and technology according to corporate requirements.

We are ready to integrate our solutions with any internal ERP or CRM system for tracking processes and customer activity.

Managers and tech leads of DEVELUP will plan and execute your project for it to pass even the most thorough technical audit.

Arm yourself with the best development practices of the global automobile industry!

Loyalty programs with gamification

Completing a sale is only the beginning.

A loyalty program is your next step.

Make a person your life-long customer with a digitized loyalty program that will incentivize new spendings and trade-ins in the future. Get a detailed review of the program efficiency in a customized dashboard allowing you to analyze and variate promotions for better performance.

Loyalty programs with gamification

Add the secret ingredient, which is gamification. Let customers acquire points and levels for their first and subsequent purchases.

DEVELUP will create a multi-tier loyalty program for you!
Hexagon half iconAutomobile Industry

By virtue of the solid groundwork laid by tens of projects we have successfully completed, DEVELUP is perfectly versed in automotive websites, apps, and systems.

We are flexible and adapt the technology to the needs and goals of our client. Even a custom application will be developed reliably and delivered on time.