Startup Development

Startup Development:
Swift Time-to-Market

We command proven skills in structuring the MVP for our clients, delivering the product to the market in the shortest time possible and ensuring continuous agile development.

Bring Idea to Life

To startup founders we say: when there is a team, there is a way

DEVELUP has mastered finding the way. Acting as your tech guide, we will build a product to succeed.

Entrust us with the following:

  • Discovering the product

  • Defining technical requirements based on concepts, research, and business goals

  • Picking the technology stack and assembling an optimal development team

  • Blueprinting and developing the MVP

  • Delivering the full-scale product by deadlines

  • Coding, testing, and launching new features at speed


DEVELUP will guide you from zero to one handling the technical side of your startup. Employing agile and lean startup approaches, we work as your tech team starting out with an MVP to verify the hypotheses, architecturing a full-scale product for future growth, and continuously testing and developing it to help meet the stakeholder goals.

Our versatile studio unites web and mobile application developers, software engineers, UX/UI designers, analysts, and managers working on innovative products. Based on the needs of your startup, we will put together a project team — and scale it when needed!


We offer top solutions exploring competitors and researching target markets for internet surfing patterns, popular mobile devices and browsers, connection speeds and latency.


We analyze concepts, business requirements, and goals to advise on an optimal technology stack, set correct development standards, and assemble the perfect team.


We help decompose a complex project into stages, structure the MVP to test vital hypotheses, and plan the following releases to deliver clear value at every step.


We ensure the best possible Time-to-Market for the MVP, the hard launch version, and subsequent releases helping our clients meet deadlines and get ahead of competition


We provide iterative A/B testing and development of the MVP by analyzing real-world data with our clients and implementing rapid changes to discover the product-market fit


We build scalable digital products from the ground up, getting them ready for highload and taking care of the application security — so you can focus on growing your startup!

Continuous Development of New Features

For startups, every day counts. We boost your odds by ensuring continuous development: coding, testing, and shipping features fast in small batches. Use the power of trial and error: envision, launch, and test features, all in a few days!

We enable product managers to do constant rollouts and A/B tests of new features in production, so that you gain momentum and push the startup onwards and upwards.


A wealth of experience helps us build functional Software-as-a-Service applications for the best usability. We pick fitting modern frameworks and technologies to deliver a speedy and highly scalable online app.

By mastering the UI development, we ensure intuitive and highly responsive interfaces, as it's important for SaaS to be perfectly usable across all popular device types.



Taking a unique e-commerce concept and getting all the vital technicalities checked for you — that’s what we do. At DEVELUP, we build stylish and lightweight small business outlets alongside large online retailer shops.

Core tasks we take care of include the development of customized catalogs, advanced search and filtering tools, an intuitive basket and a personal account to keep a visitor as your customer, integrations of payment gateways, delivery and accounting systems.

Mobile Applications

As the world goes increasingly mobile, a smartphone application as a startup product is not a rarity anymore. Save on your costs by investing into a cross-platform application, a tailored solution that still fits all sizes.

We employ a modern technical stack that allows us to develop an application of any size for Android and iOS all in one go, with a cross-platform code that works perfectly on any device and makes your Time-to-Market and the costs needed twice smaller.



Even Amazon started somewhere! Having a solid startup concept one should plan for rapid scaling in advance, as even a few hours of outage may cost a great deal of funds. This takes experience which we have.

To handle large spikes of traffic and constant high loads, we plan the development accordingly from the start by building upon a microservice architecture. The vital part is to divide a product into components that can be managed and scaled independently.

Startup Consulting

All you have is an idea and a budget just enough to develop the MVP, test your hypotheses, and pitch the project to potential investors? Apply for the startup consulting at DEVELUP — we will plan, design, and code it for you!

Our startup consulting services include:

  • Pre-discovering the solution (concept stage)

    In league with our client, the team outlines user personas and solutions that solve the fundamental problem. At this stage, we list all the hypotheses a client needs to test with the solutions.

  • MVP

    We plan the UX and the feature set of the minimum viable version. Then we rapidly design the UI, do programming, and launch the MVP.

  • Planning a full-scale product.

    Have you successfully confirmed the hypotheses and secured further funding? This is the time to plan and calculate a fully functional product, and maybe even subsequent releases after the hard launch.

Reach out to DEVELUP now: we will sign an NDA and take it from there!

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Our tech team is ready to assist you on every step, from the initial stage of the MVP design and development to the growth stage and scaling the product.

We guarantee impeccable planning, meeting even the shortest deadlines, and a smart choice of tech stack and architecture — thus laying the foundation for your growth.